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Sun burn in the walnut and the effect of sun shield in preventing it

When the weather agency declares the air temperature is above 35 degrees the parts of the walnut that are placed under direct sunlight,burned by the sun.

At 35 degree the temperature of fruits will be between 45-50 degrees.the sun firstly dameges the fruits surface and turns it into yellow or light Brown.

When this heat stable for long time these stains turn into large,black or dark Brown pores.depending on the stages of growth,the fruit gets completely destroyed or become black and wrinkled that causes fruit gets worthless in the market.

When the heat weather come along with water stress sun burn will dameges the leaf of the tree.this stress is coverted to yellow or light Brown spots.type of fungi and bacterias enter the plant bacause of those dameges.

Sun burning in walnut,depending on the climate and plant growth site dameges to plant by about 30 to 40 the pecture below a variety of sun burn that damege to the plant are specified.

İn the hottest summer days especially between 11:00 and 16:00 the skin of fruit get so hot for  this reason,when the tree fights with sunburn depending on the season,observe meteorological date and in the irrigations do the neccessary precision.

We use sun shield to prevent sun burn in plants early in the growing season because sun shield cover the surface of fruit with a withe and thin layer and reduces the surface temperature of the fruit.

Sun shield also prevents fruit spillage caused by sudden heat.this method can be applied with low cost and normal spray has effective solution method,this product take care of the surface of the fruit and reduce the surface temperature of the fruit.

İn the fruit that used this product,the surface temperature has dropped to 4-8 degrees.the trees that are producted by kaolin their fruits are 20 to 30 percent larger in size the walnut becomes more quality and the membrane becomes whiter inside it.

Also sun shield protect the fruits from pests like (rhagoletis completa)and walnut worm(cydia pomonella) and also kaolin kili makes these pests away from the tree and preventig their laying in.

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