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Sunburn in hazelnut and effect of sun shield on it

Sun shield covere surface of the fruit with a white and thin layer and reflects the sun

_sun shield prevents sunburn

_reduces the effect of infrared and ultraviolet rays

_reduses the surface temperature of the fruit

Other influences of sun shield

_sun shield is prevented to remaining the drops of water on the plant and leaf so it keeps the fungi and bacteria away from the plant

_the leaves can breath easily

_prolongs photosynthesis

_it is completely organic

_sun shield placed on the surface of hazelnut and cause to the fruits dont dameged

_does not damege the enviroment and soil

_increases the quality and quantity in fruit

Consumption instruction

5 kg sun shield 100 liters of water

3kg sun shield 100 liters of water

İmportant points when using the product

_in the cool hours of day

_early in the growing season avoid excessive pruning of trees

_quietly and completly cover every tree

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