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Sun burn in olive and kaolin kili product

Because of the heat weather especially recently,since the weather conditions have changed and the summer is getting warmer and a fruit such as olive,which has a good resistance to heat,is also seriously damaged by sun burn.

İnresent years,in very hat areas where many olive trees have been planted,the price of olives has decreased significantly because of sunburning.

When the temperature reaches to 35 degrees,depending on the degree of heat stres because the temperature of the crust of the fruits much higher than the temparature of the enviroment the outer member of the young branches grews dry and the surface of the fruits begining to stain.

Depending on severity of the hot air when water stres and extreme heat occur at one time the skin of the fruit begining to dosent matter how mach the plant secretes antioxidant and protein.

Because of the warm air stress ,sunburning damage the fruits surface and the memberane of the fruit.if the temperature reachs above 40 degrees the internal membrane of the fruit will be completely lost.

İt also the surface of the fruit become thicker and it is quality decreases in fruits that do not burn by sun light.

İn the image below,there are verious type of injuries caused by sun burn.

İn olive farms the use of shading and spray systems is exterimely costly and requires a Professional assortment.but kaolin kieli is cheaper and it is very easy to use.

On the other hand we only need the typical group to use the sun shield on the fruits and trees in areas where the summer is very hot and the plant is in the early stages of growth,use of sun shield can increas the quality of fruit in the market by 20-30 % and prevent sun burn in the plant.

Sun shield covers olive with a thin layer of white and keep (bactroceraoleae) away fruits.using sun shield more than once can be a good alternative to pesticides.

İn the Picture below you can see the differance between the olive taken care by the sun shield product and the olive burned by the sun.


_important tips when using the product

_in the cool hours of the day

_in the early stages of growth

_quietly and completely cover every tree



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