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Effect of sun shield product in plants

At the longest hours of the days,especially in the afternoonswhich is the warmest time of the day,the directsunlight is the cause of sunburn in pistachios.

The pistachio get severely damaged when the temperature reaches 35 degrees and depending on the amount of heat stress,the types of stains,wrinkles,dryness in the pistachios are caused.

This is because when the temperature reaches 35 degrees,temperature of the fruits skin reaches to 45 or 53 degrees and the sun firstly dameges the surface of the fruits and turn it into yellow or light Brown.

When this heat stable for long time these stains turn into large,black or dark Brown pores.the clusters usually dry and the membranes inside the full fruit do not grow and lose their value in sales markets.

When the heat wather comes along with water stress,sun burn will damege the leaf of the trees.this stress is coverted to yellow or light Brown spots.

Types of fungi and bacterias enter the plant because of those dameges.

Sun burning in pistachios depending on the climate and plant growth site dameged to plant by about 30 to 40 percent in the Picture below a veriety of sun burn that damege to the plant are specified.

 Consumption instruction

3 kg of sun shield in to the 100 liters of water

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