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SUN SHİELD is a thin cover coating technology to prevent sunburn.departman of agriculture (USDA) and agricultural research service (ARS) in years 1998-2000 requested from your own researcher Dr.michael Glenn (soil and botonical speacialist) and Dr.Gray Puterk (insectologist) to investigate on pests wich are damaging the plant.for this purpose when they saw bacterial pests and jumper lices attached to graps and pear gardens in the plant and fruit research station,they disided to get those pests under control.

For this reason they createded sun shield teknologi to protecting the plant and gardens. This product is a thin and white layer that covered plan tor fruit to protecting them from sun burning and pests.

Appalachian Fruit research station (AFRS) starting to use sun shield on the plants and they sow how effective it is,so they desided to more researching on this teknologi.

This product (sun shield) reduse 50 to 75 persent of sunburning and protectig from pests in a apple,pear,orange,grapes,pomegrate,olive,walnut,almond,pistachios,peanuts,potato,onion,tomato, pepper,bean,melon

JİM MACFERSON director of the Washington fruit research commission announced this product prevented apple trees from sun burn at least 50  persent and this is a great ekonomic advantage.

İn the gardens that they used this product ; fruits were reached more large and hemogeneous size,juicy color and no stain,longer expiration date and also  have more quality during storage time.

İn fact the main purpose of this producting,reducing the effect of the sun’s rays.as in the desert wearing white cloths is recommended for the release of direct sun light and heat this product is also covered the plant with a thin layer of white and prevent sun burn in the hot months of the summer.

The infra and ultraviolet rays of the sun cause sunburn in the plant and by placing this thin layer on the trees,leafs and fruits,prevents sunburn and it means more and greater product.

Also sun shield keep the trees cool under heat and sun light

Sun shield reduses the heat and stress in plants and leaves which means gardner has a happy and stress free plant that has more product with beter quality .it makes the plant  more comfortable and this also makes the pores of leaves more open and give more carbon dioxide and more fotosynthesis.

İn Arizona increased the amount of sugar in grown lemons and their color got better (higher BRIX value).in Kaliforniya’s gordens and pomegranate incresed the amount of suger too(BRIX value)trees and plants are protected from damegs.

Psylla and glassy win-ged sharpshooter pests have been controled by phisical barrier.redused use of pesticides and the cost of pesticide has been reduse too.insect and pests moved away from trees,leaves and fruit that are protected by this technologi because their wings and legs stained with bitter,withe matter and after that they quickly move away from the plant and go to the plants that can eat from them,move on them and leave their eggs on it more easily.Moth,apple worm,pest plum leaf,mildew.wilsonomyces carpophilus,myzus cerasi,fruit worm are disadvantages wich damage the plant and this teknologi prevents from them.this product has been investigated in ABD,ENGLAND,KANADA,AUSTRALİA,NEW ZEALAND,ARGENTİNA,SHALEY,SPAİN,ITALY,GREECE too and the result were as follows:

_control the plant damage and reduse the use of chimical drugs

_prevents sun burn in fruit,vegtable and hard crusts

_keeping the plant cool and keeping the teamperature stress increases product yield and quality

_by preventing sun burn in the plants,it prevents the destruction of the product

_extend shelf life of the product

_increases the phytosynthesis capacity of the plant

_control fungal diseases

_in the late spring and early fall it prevents possible frost damage




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